The Cheesy Rider

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This is a temporary landing page. Ultimately there will be a standalone Cheesy Rider  website.

Let me Explain…….

My name is Dan, The Somerset Deli is my primary business ( At the moment!). I have been running this business for the past 12 years.

The Cheesy Rider was created with the intention of marrying my 2 passions…motorbikes and Cheese. So that You, the customer, will have a stimulating and Joyfull cheese buying, and, eating experience.

It’s a new venture, and the website has not been completed yet, Hence the temporary landing page.

If you have arrived here because we met at an EAT Food Festival event…. “Hi, nice to see you again.” Have a look around the Somerset Deli site and you will find many of the cheeses you were introduced to, AND be able to make a purchase.

If you have arrived via a social media link or a Google search…..Welcome! Have a look around, watch the video content, read my about info, order some cheese.

Episode 1: The Cheesy Rider meets The Renegade Monk

Who is The Cheesy Rider?

The Cheesy rider first rode into town when Dan, the big cheese at the renowned Somerset Deli, had his heart turned to fondue by a Royal Enfield 500 Classic motorbike in Goa Back in 2018.

Now combining his passion for cheese and biking, he rides all over somerset delivering ‘Cool Cheese On Hot Rubber’.

Riding alongside his delivery exploits, and using the medium of video, Cheesy Rider is busy bringing you fascinating insights into the world of cheese, cheese makers, producers, and points of interest from his home county of Somerset. Markets and Food festivals will feature heavily. Look out for his videos dripping with cheesy info on his social media platforms.

Ultimataly, Cheesy Rider wants to make buying cheese an interesting, informative, & fun experience. He is also concerned with highlighting issues surrounding the Great British Cheese Industry. Animal Welfare, The environment, and Sustainability. He Particularly wants to hi-light the hardships caused due to covid.

He has been following Jamie Oliver’s recent campaign to help the cheese industry with great interest. And will be looking to do his part to encourage you, the consumer, to support and maintain the British Cheese Industry.

To purchase cheese, continue to the Somerset Deli ‘On the Stall Now’ web page.

Cheesy Rider Delivery Information.

Cheesy Rider can deliver in the Bridgwater Area on a Friday and Frome Area on a Saturday. Please be aware that this service is weather dependent and adverse weather may result in your cheese actually being delivered by ‘Cheesy Driver’.

Click..’I want Cheesy Rider’ in the Cart section on the website.

Sometimes The Cheesy Rider might not be available and your delivery will be delivered with the same care and attention by one of our Cheesy Drivers.