Cornish Yarg – 187g



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Cornish Yarg is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom from the milk of Friesian cows. Before being left to mature, this cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves to form an edible, though mouldy, rind. The texture varies from creamy and soft immediately under the nettle coating to a Caerphilly cheese-like crumbly texture in the middle.

An award winning semi-hard cheese wrapped in nettles, yummy creamy lemony Cornish Yarg cheese is soft on the outside and wonderfully crumbly in the middle. The nettles add a delicate touch of mushroom to the creaminess near the rind and also create Cornish Yarg’s distinctive leafy pattern.

Made in Cornwall at Lynher Dairies, Yarg was originally created by Allan and Jenny Gray (Yarg= Gray backwards) after a recipe dating back to the 13th century.

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