Feta – 200g



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Greece’s most famous traditional cheese, feta is an important part of the Greek diet and is used daily in salads, pastries, and a simple (and simply delicious) fried-cheese appetizer called “saganaki.” Ripened and stored in brine gives feta a salty, milky, slightly acidic taste. It’s best when eaten fresh, so, if you will not be consuming it immediately, store it in milk. A milk bath reduces the saltiness and helps keep the cheese moist and mild in flavour. Allow a good thirty minutes for feta cheese to come to room temperature to fully enjoy its rich, tangy flavour and creamy texture. In Greece, it is often served with olive oil and oregano. Feta can also be used in salads, pies, omelettes, and soufflés. Properly stored in milk and refrigerated, feta cheese will last up to three months. Anchovies, lamb, tomatoes, basil, and black olives marry beautifully with feta.

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