Ossau-Iraty -166g



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Known as the grandfather of Basque cheeses, some say that Ossau Iraty was one of the first intentionally made cheeses in Europe, possibly dating back to 3,000 BC!

Aged for approximately eight months, Ossau Iraty has a full flavour and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. This semi-firm ewe milk cheese has a savoury and sweet nutty flavour with hints of figs, hazelnuts, and olives.

This mouthwatering cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk and the milk comes from the famed brebis sheep that graze in the valleys of Ossau and Iraty. Even though this cheese may be new to you, these small creamy-brown sheep have helped make several well-known kinds of cheese such as the famed Roquefort, P’tit Basque, and more.

It’s a perfect cheese to accompany your cheese board that is great on its own, grated on salads, or paired with hoppy beers or big, balanced reds like Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. As always, make sure to bring this delightful cheese up to room temperature to bring out the full flavour.

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