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Here it is. This very special Cheese selection, represents some of the best cheeses that we regularly supply through this website and on our market stalls.
It is also my personal favourite collection of cheeses (Dan. The big Cheese) I find myself recommending these to our customers on a daily basis.

So, We have done the hard work of selection for you.
Simply unwrap the cheese (Let it warm a little), un cork a bottle, relax, and enjoy a hand picked selection of all that is very fine here at the Somerset Deli.

Glastonbury Twanger
We have been supplying this awesome cheddar for over a decade now. Rich, strong, nutty, with a complex creamy finish. Its simply one of the finest cheddars available. Its heritage is with Greens of Glastonbury who invented the recipe. Sadly, they no longer produce cheese. However, the recipe lives on and is made under licence.

The quintessential French mountain cheese. Made using ancient methods in the Jura mountains. Raw milk and traditional rennet make for a beautifully complex taste experience. Here is a description by Castello …..
‘Fruity and savoury notes take turns caressing your palate, with sweet and salty undertones bursting through in waves’.

Somerset Brie
Made by Lubborn creamery, Somerset Brie delivers all that is good about soft cheese in the UK. Ripened using traditional methods. Somerset brie portrays a superior creamy taste and richer consistency. The cheese’s aroma suggests mushrooms with a hint of green grass.
Let it ripen so its starting to run a little, and literally spoon onto Fresh crusty bread and enjoy with chilled crisp white wine..

Rutland Red
The finest aged Red Leicester available. If you hold a thin slice up to the sunlight, it glows a like amber. Made using a traditional recipe, Rutland Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden orange colour. It is the only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in the county of Leicestershire and is a firm favourite at Long Clawson Dairy. Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians. It recently picked up 3rd place at the Virtual Cheese Awards.

Oakwood Smoked
Ford Farm make the most satisfying and balanced oak smoked cheddars we have ever tasted. Using 2kg cheddars and cold smoking for up to 6 hours, results in the smouldering smoky taste being evenly distributed throughout. Tasting advice…save this until the very end as smoked cheeses often dominate your palette for quite some time.

Cabrales /Picos Blue
In our opinion this is the most interesting blue cheese flavour we have ever come across.
Its produced in the Picos Mountains in Northern Spain. They use Cows, Goats, and sometimes sheep’s milk. Imagine Stilton, Roquefort, Dolcelatte, Gorgonzola, Perl Las, and Cashel Blue combined into one cheese. Its sharp, and Intense with a salty fruitiness that morphs on your palette into a sweet almost Aniseed finish. But, that is my personal taste experience. Many of our customers have their own description.

Named after the girlfriend of its masterful creator. Rachel is a semi soft, washed rind, goats cheese made here in Somerset. Made with un-pasteurised local goats milk, it has been a favourite choice for goats cheese fanatics at the Somerset Deli for years. The taste is sweet, with a medium nutty matureness, delivering a deep satisfying finish. Pair with white wine figs and grapes.

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